Lessons from the bye elections results: Dont ever take the Indian voter for granted

The bye elections results to 32 assembly and 3 Loksabha constituencies have once again proved that the Indian voter is very mature when it comes to selecting its representatives and government. 

The BJP, which just 100 days ago had swept Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan and Gujarat was comprehensively trounced in the first two and ceded ground to Congress in Gujarat. The results proved that the honeymoon period for BJP is over. 

The UP result proved that religious mobilisation does not work with voters. Modi had promised to bring down inflation. 3 months have passed and he has not been able to do so and people are now impatient, awaiting the much tom tommed ‘achche din’. 

The big and bold message from the results is that India wants good governance and not Hindutva rhetoric. That the prices of tomatoes are more important to them than ‘love jihad’.